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New Release v2.7 is live now !

New Users can refer to the online recorded training session.

Our Userguide is downloadable in the FAQ section.

Notice   Event Tool platform migration

As part of the TSA exit process, Event Tool will undergo some backend structural changes:

A. The platform will move to another environment
Expected changes caused by this:
- The URL of the backend environment will change;
- Event URLs (both internal and external) will change.

B. All HPE references will be removed
HPE has already established a specific Event Tool platform. Expected changes caused by this:
- Users will have access only to the HPI Events and they will no longer need to select either HPE or HPI as target company;
- Company selection dropdowns on login and event general settings are removed.

Please note the following:

- At least for the moment, backend and frontend functionalities will not change;
- Apart from the changing of the Event URL, customer experience will not suffer;
- The events created in the current environment will be woved to the new one so you will still be able to edit them;
- In order to create a smooth transition, we are prepared to ensure redirection from legacy event pages (h22166) to the new environment;
- The databases are being migrated and there will be no data (customer or used) lost. The same applies to the File Library.
- Once the new environment is launched, all new events will be created there. The current backend will be deactivated.

For any question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact the Support Team (primary contact: Alina Bianca Stefanescu).


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